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Soil compaction

Wicks has the capability to improve soils by means of compaction. The benefit of soil compaction is not only a greater load bearing capacity for the soil, but also a reduction of residual settlement and improved safety against liquefaction during earthquakes. Wicks can perform surface compaction to improve soil conditions.

For intermediate soil depths, we employ compaction hammers attached to excavators. These machines provide a cost-effective tool for compacting soil to depths of up to 8 m, depending on the hammer weight.

Shallow soil layers (1 to 2 m) are compacted effectively using tractor-towed Wicks surface compaction rollers, which deliver blows to the ground resulting in compaction.

Geotechnical advice and design

We have experienced geotechnical engineers to advise you on your own design or to make a Wicks design for your ground improvement needs. Using your soil data and design requirements, we are able to make a fit-for-purpose design based on the efficient and effective deployment of our equipment. If the best solution is not within our scope, we will gladly point you in the right direction.