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Vertical drainage

Wicks has installed drains in numerous projects worldwide involving land reclamation, infrastructural work, industrial building and real estate development. We produce our own prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) which enables us to deliver the drain best suited to do the job.

PVD installation is a very cost-effective ground treatment solution to consolidate water-saturated soil and increase soil stability. Pre-loading can be shortened and reduced, resulting in lower project costs and a shorter consolidation time before construction work can start. Future maintenance costs are also lower due to reduced residual settlement. PVD installation is also an effective method of reducing groundwater hypertension near slopes and surcharges, thereby reducing the risks of slope failure.

Prefabricated vertical drains are installed into the soil with a special installation rig in a triangular grid of 1 to 2 m spacing. The drain is inserted into the compressible soil to the prescribed depth. Immediately after installation, the drain starts to wick the pore-water to the surface where it evaporates or flows away. The pore-water tension is dissipated and settlement of the ground enhanced. The result is an accelerated consolidation of the ground. Curious to see how it works? Watch our PVD installation video (in the top menu above)!

When drains need to be installed unter water, vertical drain marine installation is also one of our solutions. Please read more details in our Vertical drain marine installation document below.

Geotechnical advice and design

We have experienced geotechnical engineers to advise you on your own design or to make a Wicks design for your ground improvement needs. Using your soil data and design requirements, we are able to make a fit-for-purpose design based on the efficient and effective deployment of our equipment. If the best solution is not within our scope, we will gladly point you in the right direction.