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For the installation of vertical drainage we use a PVD installation rig. We have several PVD installation rigs to suit different project requirements. The capacity of our PVD installation rigs vary in installation depth and penetration force. 

The largest vertical drainage rig in the world has begun operating in 2012. This innovative rig is called HV 826 and is based on a Hytachi EX1200, which underwent extensive modification. The HV 826 was built by our team of engineers at the Wicks yard in Bolsward. At a maximum installation depth of -60 m and maximum penetration force of 45 tonnes, the new rig puts Wicks at the top of the market in this segment.

We also have the capacity to pre-drill holes for PVD installation.

Our rigs are equipped with data-logging facilities and some of our masts are fully automated, allowing high production rates and underwater drain installation. Please click here for more details concerning vertical drain marine installation.

Jumbo drain roll

Another innovation of Wicks is the jumbo drain roll. In collaboration with a drain manufacturer, Wicks has developed drain rolls of 3,000 m1. Compared with standard drain rolls of 300 m1, using the jumbo drain roll substantially reduces the cutting loss and the cycle time is improved, because you do not lose time changing a roll. Wicks started using the jumbo drain rolls in 2012 and we can already say it is a huge success. Curious? Please watch our video (in the top menu above)!

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HV 826

  • Year of construction 2012
  • Maximum installation depth 60 m1
  • Penetration force 45 tonnes