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Grand living in The Netherlands

The old harbor of Spijkenisse is being redeveloped into a characteristic residential area. Living at the waterside is the theme of this ambitious housing project.

As one of the first activities, Wicks installed Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) from a floating barge to create land ready to build on. With the vertical drains installed, the soft marine clay will consolidate in a short time, allowing for further construction. This will prevent future settlements and avoid negative skin friction to piled foundations.

Wicks’ modern automated PVD installation rigs are very suitable for the installation of vertical drains under water. The rigs cut the drains automatically underwater, just above seabed, to prevent drain wastage. Also no anchor plates are required during installation, therefore the rigs can remain under water during installation.

Due to our innovative automation, a minimum of manpower is required during the installation of the vertical drains. Our reliable inhouse developed data acquisition system, linked to GPS makes accurate positioning possible, even under water.