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Different soil types require different ground improvement techniques to prepare the land for construction. Wicks provides various solutions to deal with the improvement of these soil types, whether on land or in the water.

We also offer design and engineering assistance. Our team of experienced geotechnical engineers can advise on a client’s design or prepare one based on the relevant soil data. Our services extend to the execution phase, where results can be reviewed before hand-over to verify the intended purpose for your project.

We specialise in:

Vertical Drainage The most economical way of speeding up the consolidation process is by installing prefabricated vertical drains (PVD), also called wick drains, into the soft soil at regular intervals.

For thick sand layers, Wicks uses electric-powered vibrating pokers to densify the soil. The pokers are operated from a crawler crane in a single or tandem configuration.

Surface Compaction
To compact soil at intermediate or shallow depths, compaction hammers or heavy-duty roller compactors are utilized.
Horizontal drainage Horizontal Drainage lowers the water table, which is beneficial during installation of subsurface utilities, and for agricultural and recreational land users.