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Prefabricated Vertical Drain material

Wicks provides the option to supply its Prefabricated Vertical Drain material in combination with PVD installation. Alternatively we can simply supply you our Prefabricated Vertical Drains.

Keeping the supply and installation of PVD in one hand will save interfaces for you as a client to match the supply with the installation. This will result in a better project cash flow.

Our Wicks Prefabricated Vertical Drain has a long track record, and is widely used in Asia and Europe amongst other regions. We manufacture our Wick drains in Asia to benefit from Asian Trade agreements. PVD materials are packed in standard shipping containers for easy shipping worldwide.

Our drain materials are manufactured in a modern factory, and the process is ISO and CE certified. Quality control and in-house testing is maintained throughout the production process to ensure that the required properties are met. Verification testing is carried out through certified third party laboratories.

We have various standard types of PVD for different consolidation requirements. PVD with other specifications can be provided on request.

Corrugated series 

A corrugated core can withstand high pressure. This type of PVD is therefore often selected when limited settlements will occur, in combination with a high soil pressure;

Fishbone series 

A fishbone core is flexible and therefore very suitable to maintain a high discharge capacity when large settlements occur over a short time;

Honeycomb series

The honeycomb core combines the best of both. The honeycomb shaped channels can withstand high pressure and the discharge capacity remains high with large settlements.

Find your nearest contact person in our Contact page for technical advice or to request a quotation for your PVD material requirement.